About Us

The Global Institute is an international organization that specializes in global leadership development, sustainable capacity development and strategic facilitation of social development initiatives. The Global Institute, with operational hubs in Denmark and India, has clients from across the world.

The Global Institute is committed to building movements and organizations that engage sustainable practices in a very thoughtful and strategic manner. While we take on projects and clients are from across the world, our commitment remains consistent across the world and in every context. Having said that, it is important to highlight that we not only honor and celebrate local approaches and cultural practices but also include them in our work as much as possible.

Our team consists of experienced consultants from across the world and we also engage local partners and consultants in projects that need local expertise. This approach makes our organization an inclusive one that succeeds again and again in the diverse projects that we get involved in.   

The Global Institute takes pride in being a nimble organization with inclusive practices especially in cross-cultural organizational capacity development work that it specializes in. Our projects range from short-term consulting contracts to long term systems change initiatives.   

The Global Institute was founded by Noël Bonam who is a UN Representative of the Association for World Education at the United Nations, New York. He was previously the director for the bureau of Multicultural Affairs for the State of Maine. He also served as the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Institute for Civic Leadership.